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certificado Lambda

How does Amazon Lambda work?

O Amazon Lambda é um serviço de computação sem servidor e orientado a eventos que permite executar código para praticamente qualquer tipo de aplicação ou serviço de backend sem provisionar ou gerenciar servidores.

This type of architecture allows working with different business needs to create automated processes in the cloud and optimize costs with services.

ST IT Cloud partners with one of the largest cloud platforms in the world and uses AWS services to provide high performance and security.

With several use cases and an expert team certified by AWS, ST IT Cloud works by understanding the technical and business requirements step by step to define the best architecture offering security, cost optimization, performance and data quality.

To achieve these goals, we worked with the AWS Lambda Service to create fully serverless architectures.

Como funciona Lambda

Use cases that utilize Amazon Lambda

Translation of texts in real time for Chatbots;
Data Pipeline;
Back-end for managing IoT solutions, APIs and mobile devices;
Lightweight computer vision models;
Fraud detection in images;
Infrastructure automation and resource provisioning;
Seamless integration with microservice architectures;
Cases de uso Lambda