Cloud Laker
Agility and automation for your cloud data platform

Optimized architecture for cost reduction

Performance and scalability right for your data

Simplify your company's data journey with Cloud Laker

Secure access and high performance

Prepares the environment for the application of Machine Learning algorithms

Adapts to your company's needs

Abstracts the complexity and streamlines environment setup

Your Data Lake on AWS in minutes

Cloud Lake is a Saas (Software as a Service) Analytics platform that automates and accelerates the creation of your Data Lake in the cloud, speeding up the consolidation of your corporate data and the application of Machine Learning algorithms.

A Low-code/No-code solution perfect for companies that want to create and maintain a Data Lake in the AWS cloud, without worrying about the complexity of configuration.

Furthermore, you can structure your corporate data and take advantage of all stages of processing, from collection to the application of Machine Learning algorithms.

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your business with strategic decision-making based on quick and reliable insights.

Optimize your data in the cloud, simplify your operations and enhance the power of your decisions.

Cloud Laker simplifies the deployment of your
Data Lake quickly, securely, and scalable

Discover the main benefits


Adept to the best practices of the Well Architected Framework

Fully Managed in AWS Customer Account

Data Governance & Compliance

Nuvem-Cloud Laker


Through the Data Mesh Architecture, it is possible to optimize data management in a distributed and decentralized manner

With the convenience of architecture, structuring, and configuration on AWS in a matter of minutes, you can significantly enhance the deployment process

Simplify job scheduling, perform partitioning, and carry out transformations with ease of management

Cost Optimization

Scalable and high-performance Serverless architecture

Scalability and Performance

Nuvem - pg cloud laker

Through the AWS cloud environment, you can meet all your company's needs quickly, securely, and at scale

By abstracting AWS services, you can simplify the management of your environment, ensuring improved performance

Turn your data into actions

Data Lake Plug and Play

Explore a complete data analysis and AI journey. Empower decision-making and achieve valuable insights

Complete Data Analytics and AI Journey

Easy-to-use, easy-to-implement data management solutions for businesses of all sizes

Cost Reduction

Low code/no code create solutions in a more agile and accessible way

Cloud Laker

Agilize a criação do seu Data Lake na AWS de forma ágil, segura e com otimização de custos

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