Accelerate your data analysis with the Amazon EMR solution.


How does EMR AWS work?

Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) simplifies the processing of large amounts of data, allowing companies to analyze data in real time and gain valuable insights for their business.

ST IT Cloud is a partner of one of the largest cloud platforms in the world and uses the AWS EMR Clusters service to process and deliver data with high performance and security.

Not using a well-structured architecture makes installation and maintenance a challenge for IT teams, making it difficult and increasing working hours.

Como funciona EMR
Como fazemos EMR

How we do EMR

ST IT Cloud analyzes customer technical and business requirements step by step with a certified and specialized team focused on the ideal architecture for security, cost optimization, performance and data quality.
We developed an orchestrated environment, using Lambda functions and the S3 repository to create a Corporate Data Lake in a Serverless solution.
Data is processed with security logs, alerts, tracking and complying with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.
We create an economical and safe environment, avoiding problems such as cluster management, scalability, manual start/stop of servers, among other problems that can occur due to the lack of definition of a good architecture.
Fluxo EMR

Discover the many ways to explore your data with EMR

Real-time data processing;
Clickstream Analysis;
Data Science;
Machine Learning;
Data Pipeline;
Delivery of Information by department/business unit.
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