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Amazon QuickSight
Discover the potential of your data

Serviço de Business Intelligence

Key Advantages of Amazon QuickSight

Customizable Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with charts, tables, gauges, and other visual elements using Amazon QuickSight

Amazon Quicksight - Processador de IA

Artificial Intelligence in Action
Machine Learning Integrated with Amazon QuickSight

Chat with your data!
Get answers in seconds.

Security and Compliance

Access Control, Data Encryption, and Advanced Auditing

Enjoy all the potential of your data and drive the success of your company

Discover the countless advantages of Amazon QuickSight

Integration with Machine Learning;

Pay as you go;

No need for servers;

Built-in security, governance, and compliance.

If your company seeks to make data-driven strategic decisions, ST IT Cloud is the ideal partner. Specialized in Data Visualization solutions and with extensive experience in modern BI tools, we develop innovative and efficient solutions, fully tailored to your business. 

Main benefits


Optimize your investment and reduce unnecessary costs, pay as you go

Data analysis

Users can analyze data in real time with advanced visualization, exploration, filtering and aggregation capabilities

Integration with AWS services

Easily integrated with other AWS services, such as S3 and Redshift, offering greater flexibility and scalability

Explore the possibilities of using Amazon QuickSight



Business managers make more strategic decisions based on accurate data, identifying trends and opportunities. Create custom dashboards and keep your team always updated and aligned with your goals

Análise de dados

Data analysis

Efficiently explore data and create interactive visualizations. Share dashboards with your team for collaboration and make smarter, faster decisions. Uncover the potential in your data



Boost your sales! Gain access to customized dashboards and real-time performance indicators to make strategic decisions and increase your company's revenue



Monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of your campaigns and strategies with real-time actionable insights. Increase user engagement and drive the success of your business